Blend Teehaus

Die Mischung Machst!

Wir verbinden Tee mit geselliger Gemütlichkeit. Sich Zeit nehmen, in ein erfrischendes Gespräch eintauchen, ein gutes Buch lesen, miteinander lachen, fein Essen … geniessen und entspannen. Herzlich Willkommen im Blend Teehaus bei Tareq und Bloem!

Bei uns bekommst du die feinsten Tees aus aller Welt, Vegetarische und Biologische Speisen und im Sommer frische Hausgemachte Eistees.

Öffnungszeiten/ opening times:
Dienstag bis Donnerstag 11-21
Freitag 11-22
Samstag 09 – 22
Sonn- und Feiertage 10 – 17

Unsere Küche schliesst jeweils eine halbe Stunde vor Schluss.

Blend Teehaus GmbH
Furrengasse 7
6004 Luzern


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Proud! ...

No but it was a bit nerve wrecking going to meet a friend for lunch in Lucerne. What if I end up talking to a waiter to have a customized place of ridiculously oily veg again? I can't take it, it's so unfulfilling. So I did a bit of research to figure out vegan places and Tibits came up. Of course. I'm so sick of Tibits. They're good but they're pricey and should have more raw vegan options. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but I eat there at least once a week and like variety / spice / life and all. This place came up on an app called Happy Cow: Blend Teehaus. Quick check, vegan vegan vegan ok I'm sold. Met my friend, found the place, and OH MY GOD I CANNOT RAVE ABOUT THIS PLACE ENOUGH. They recommended a lentil soup that blew my mind. Salty but just the right kind, a heavy broth of beauty in my mouth. The daily menu was a three beans stew with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peanuts, quinoa, and an avocado / mango sauce. I can't. I can't tell you how good it was. It wasn't food, it was health and love and happiness in front of me. I explained I was sugar free and they knew my jam, so I got to have a dessert in a restaurant, you guys. Snickers cheesecake. I want ten of them. I want to lock myself in a room with ten of those babies and never have to go outside again because they're my best friends. The place had a beautiful decor, the tea was abundant and rich, the food has made me deliriously happy, and the staff was friendly and beautiful. Beauty beauty beauty I cannot wait to go back. I would travel the hour it take to get there just to have lunch there again. I'm their biggest fan.

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